Forest Lake Class of 1985 Reunion


We’d Like to Thank the Academy…

Thank you to all of you who support our class reunions through your attendance, kind words, &/or donations.  Every reunion is very tough to financially and emotionally navigate, so without you they would cease to exist.  Know that your thoughtfulness is appreciated by the committee!!

For those individuals who donated to our class reunion fund this year, we could not possibly have had our 25 year celebration without your generosity, so the committee extends our sincerest gratitude to the following people for their outstanding support:

Robin (Erickson) Lind

Michael Larson

Jennifer (Johnson) Regan

Deb Alexander

Please give props to Kelli Harding for picking out our 25 year reunion venue.  The general feedback expressed by classmates at the 20 year reunion - was that you were looking for a more central location in the Twin Cities [since not everyone lives in the Forest Lake area].  Many classmates also wanted a more upscale venue, as well a location with a hotel attached or within walking distance.  Kelli did a great job fulfilling those requests by choosing the Mermaid.

Last but not least, Shannon and Jill  [Forest Lake Class of ’86] who graciously volunteered their time to help out during our reunion, so our hats off to them too! 

 - Your Class of ’85 Reunion Committee

PS.  A personal shout out to my fellow committee members (Sue, Laurie, Lori, Jarad, & Kelli) for continuing to volunteer your time, as well as contributing out-of-pocket money to help make our reunions possible. - W




 Classmates' photos from the reunion >>