Forest Lake Class of 1985 Reunion

We Need Your Help...

Consider making a special gift in honor of our Reunion and give today to help us reach our goals.

Every reunion planned for the Forest Lake Class of 1985 has a few people behind the scenes that volunteer their time help make it all possible.   T
hese individuals also sometimes personally cover out of pocket expenses as our reunion account generally cannot fund the entire reunion costs.   We thank them for their time and financial support, but it is our hope that you as 1985 classmates will help to also continue to make our reunions successful and fun.

If you would like to support our continued efforts to have our future class reunions, please consider helping out.  Donations in any domination are greatly appreciated, and all donations will be applied to cover this and/or future event costsl 

Please email if you, or your business is interested in donating to our Reunion Fund - or send via PayPal below... 



Reunion Committee

Susan Schuldt Gillson
Kelly Harding
Laurie Dietrich VanElsberg
Lori Syverson

The classmates listed here have helped plan and organize the reunion. If you would like to join us and lend your support as part of our reunion committee, we would love to have you.  Email